How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard



Most people don’t like raccoons even though they are cute, cuddly, interesting, and intelligent. It is because raccoons turn people’s yard or garden into chaos. They disarrange the garbage, eat garden plants and vegetables, left smelly feces, and put things upside down. They can also carry the unwanted rabies virus and roundworms. Because they do more bad things than good, people simply wish them out of their yards. There are ways on how to keep raccoons out of your yard. Here are some examples:


  1. Consider making homemade repellents that will drive raccoons away. These repellents are made up of hot chili which raccoons really hate. Click this link to get the recipe for homemade raccoon repellents.
  2. Use motion activated mechanical repellent like the “Scarecrow” of Contech. When the Scarecrow detects motion, it will automatically spray water to repel the raccoons.
  3. Determine the things that motivate raccoons in visiting your hard. The availability of potential meal in your yard entices raccoons to come. These potential meals include pet foods, garbage foods, garden plants, vegetables, etc. When you learned the reason why raccoons keep coming in your yard, do something about it.
  4. Don’t left pet foods in your yard because raccoons can smell them. Seal your garbage bins in such a way that raccoons will have a very hard time opening it. Raccoons are not only intelligent but possess dexterous paws capable of opening lightly sealed containers.
  5. Spray ammonia to rugs and place them in places where you usually spot raccoons. You can also put the rugs in places that you don’t really want raccoons to go to. Ammonia scares raccoons because it is the main compound found in the urine of predators (e.g. coyotes). Online and offline specialty stores are selling predator urine either in liquid or powdered form. You can sprinkle the powdered urine into your house perimeter to drive away raccoons.
  6. Raccoons don’t like water and can be discouraged when soaked with it. You can install a motion sprinkler in your yard which is capable of detecting raccoon’s presence. When raccoons are doused with water, they may go away.
  7. Raccoons are afraid of human beings. They go away when they sense human presence (movements and sounds). Since it is not feasible to guard your yard during the night, consider leaving a radio programmed to a talk station. Just wish that raccoons leave your yard when they hear the DJ speaking.
  8. An extreme way of driving raccoons away (or killing raccoons) is putting an electric fence in your yard. Animal activists and wildlife officials strongly oppose this method. Raccoons will be automatically electrocuted once they touch an electric fence. Take note that there are laws that prohibit killing and inhumane treatment of raccoons. Beware to avoid penalties.
  9. Consider having a dog as pet. Its urine will discourage raccoons to proceed in your yard. Raccoons are also afraid with dogs.
  10. Remove sources of water for raccoons. Raccoons have the behavior of dipping their food in water.
  11. Install motion activated lightning in your yard. Lighting discourages raccoons.
  12. Buy and install humane raccoon traps in your hard. If you catch a masked bandit, call the right authority to get it. Do not kill it.


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S October 21, 2011 at 10:50 pm

Our dog does not keep the raccoons away. All she does is chase the raccoons up into a tree or bush and bark at them incessantly.

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