Career Opportunities for Biology Majors

Majoring biology in college is the initial step in pursuing the study of life. After graduation, there are a myriad career opportunities available for biology graduates. Here are some of them:


Getting a degree in biology prepares one for life as a researcher. Researchers delve into the different fields of biology, like botany, zoology and microbiology among others. Researchers lead a methodical, systematic approach with the aim of adding to the human scope of knowledge. Researchers can be employed by the government, academic institutions, consultancies, research organizations and pharmaceutical companies. For those who are diligent, careful, systematic and patient who derives excitement from breakthroughs and discoveries, this career is for you. This is a passion career where monetary benefits take a back seat to discovery and science. There are numerous specific careers in the field of research. Become a botanist and find new species of plants. Delve into zoology and find out more about the animal kingdom. Succor the seas for knowledge as a marine biologist. Save the world and life within as a conservation biologist. Be a lab rat by working on the latest wonder drug. A degree in biology opens up these fields for you. Being a research assistant in the field of your choice is usually the first stepping stone when entering the field of research. The long hours, the paperwork, laboratory experiments and field expeditions all prepare you for taking more responsibility as you gain proficiency in your job.

Teaching/ Academe

Having a biology degree enables you to impart your obtained knowledge to others. As a teacher, the academe is your playground, teaching students just like you several years ago the sum of your accumulated knowledge. You can opt to stay with your alma mater or explore other teaching opportunities at other universities and schools. For those who love interaction, and who are excited with giving knowledge to others, this career is a good choice. Note that in the academe, teaching and publishing goes hand in hand, you may have to do research just to advance your career and improve your pay grade.


Entering the field of medicine becomes so much easier if you have the knowledge a degree in Biology imparts. Do note however that doing so may require further study in veterinary, medical or nursing school. The knowledge in your anatomy, physiology, microbiology and cell biology classes taken during college will be indispensible once you begin a career in medicine. Knowing the functions of life can aid you in your goal to become a vet, a nurse or a doctor. Use that knowledge to cure people, prevent outbreaks and even solve crime as a forensics expert. If you are dedicated, diligent and passionate about saving lives, then this path is for you.

Environmental Management

The anthropogenic changes we have wrought on Earth is now taking its toll on our planet. This has led to a huge concern over protecting the environment. If you are a Biology graduate you can use your knowledge on the fundamental processes and interactions of life as well as our own interaction with the environment to help minimize our impact to the environment. A career in environmental management entails passion and sacrifice. Careers in environmental management can be attained both in the public and private sector though most work for non-profit outfits.

When you take up Biology as your major it opens up a wide range of possibilities. It gives you a stepping stone to a rewarding career in science. Not only that, you can also branch out to statistics, mathematics and even business. In today’s environment, health and science centered world, Biology majors are in a unique position to have a good academic background in almost all aspects of science. This training translates to possible careers not just within the fields mentioned, but in other sectors as well.

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